Ekushey Cable TV Network

Ekushey Cable TV Network is a reputed company with service provider business in Mirpur. This company provides dish and internet connections to its customers. As a well known company "Ekushey" have to maintain a huge number of customer's billing and collection information, and also have to maintain the connectivity of a customer who is not mainting his bill timely.

We have studied his all business rules and provided a dedicated web application system called "Ekushey" which will automate his all business formulas.

Ekushey system is fully automated with some special features. The system kept every customer information and according to customer billing period, system generate every customer's bill with unique barcode option and also calculate the due and advance amount automatically. As every customers are asigned under companies collector team that's why the system can easily generate every customer bills as collector wise. The system has some smart reports to identify the performance of every collector, and also help the system owner to get the list of not payee customers. There is a SMS module to send SMS to customer whenever a bill is generate or insert collection amount in the system.